Being the first UXR at a company can be daunting. It doesn't have to be.
Join our online course and learn how to build your research practice from scratch!

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Being the first
researcher poses a different challenge.
Are you ready?
Conducting research is one thing. Building a research infrastructure is another. It requires a different set of skills and knowledge.
1 out of 3 new UXR roles are the first ones in a company and many folks, despite being pros in conducting research, struggle when building the infrastructure. That's why this course exists.
If you want to learn how to set up a research practice from scratch, then this course is for you.

After this course you will be able to
  • Build relationships with stakeholders and enhance collaboration
  • Properly assess requests , prioritize work based on impact, and track and quantify your efforts.
  • Build the infrastructure needed for a research practice. I'm talking tools, participant management, processes and repositories.
  • Communicate your work confidently through enhanced presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Facilitate workshops to align, ideate or decide together with your team

The Full Curriculum
2 hour-lesson per week. 8 weeks in total.
Unit 1 - Landing
  • Assessing the situation - How does the company perceive UXR
  • What are the plans for your team and how to discuss this.
  • Evaluating your surroundings - How do other teams work?
  • Interaction with stakeholders - buy-in & relationship building
Unit 2 - Handling your work
  • Gathering needs and requests
  • Prioritizing research for more impact
  • Tracking & quantifying your work

Unit 3 - Presenting your work (3 hrs!)
  • Interactive lesson on presentations and public speaking
  • You will prepare a short presentation and we will fine tune it together
  • We will work on your delivery and style
Units 4&5 - Infrastructure
  • Tooling - Assessing and budgeting
  • Mapping the UXR process
  • Participant management - Panels, Vendors, NDAs and Privacy Laws
  • Insight teams and Triangulation - How to combine output from other teams for more impact?
  • Building a Repository - MVP Repo, common pitfalls and strategy
Unit 6- Facilitation 101

  • Facilitation - How to facilitate sessions for your team
  • Sessions Recipe Guide - 5 key workshops that will change how your team works
Unit 7 - Research & PWDR
  • Research Democratization - why and how to deal with it
  • Continuous Discovery - How can researchers chip in
Unit 8 - People
  • The UXR Job Description
  • Career path - Building levels
  • Researcher Onboarding - How can we easen out for future newjoiners

About the course author
Julian Della Mattia
UXR Lead & ReOps Specialist
I specialize in Research Operations and help tech companies build and setup research infrastructure.

After being the first researcher in many companies plus helping many clients with their first research projects, I've developed the skills and the knowledge for building UXR teams from the ground up and scaling them up.

So far, I've helped +24 companies create a research function and scale their teams.

From building repositories to participant pools, from prioritization to getting buy-in, I'll show you how to succeed as one-person-band.
Cohort Course
€800 (VAT not incl.)
Take part in the public cohort and learn how to build your research practice from scratch!

  • Group based learning
  • Limited group size - 20 participants max.
  • Weekly lessons - 1 lesson, 2 hours per week
  • Booklets + Slides + Recordings available
  • Next cohort date: TBD
  • Can be paid in 2 or 3 installments.
With the course you will also get
  • Certificate of Completion
    After the course you will get a cool certificate of completion to show.
  • Access to Content
    Lifetime access to the course content and material.
  • Community Membership
    Lifetime access to the 1st UXR Community, where we share new stuff weekly and host monthly events.

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